Notes on Artistic Integrity – Critical Thinking Surrounding my Practice. Part 4.

Whilst I really enjoy and embrace the thinking, the theories and what arises from them, Ranciere is too concerned with bending art to become a political tool. It is at this point that I veer away from Ranciere. To me, Art IS, as he himself has stated, political.

It is political in as far as it redefines common spaces. Free play is equated with learning and art is a method of ‘playing’ or ‘learning’ free from the responsibilities of what is expected of us (in terms of social class/job roles in society etc). Thusly it renders us equal if we are willing to submit to free play. 

Thereafter, any major inclusion of political subject matter becomes too much and perverts the nature of the artwork and turns it into propaganda.

(I would like to take this point to reiterate that I am speaking from my point of view, from my own sensibilities and am trying to define my own integrity – I do not in anyway believe that these should be hard and fast rules for anyone – they are mere ideas I am playing with in order to form my own artistic integrity).


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