Notes on Artistic Integrity – Critical Thinking Surrounding my Practice. Part 5.

Shattering Boundaries

“I write to shatter the boundaries that separate specialists – of philosophy, art, social sciences…I write for those who are trying to tear down the walls between specialties and competences…The contemporary art world may be more receptive because contemporary art is, quintessentially, art defined by the erasure of medium, specificity, indeed by the erasure of the visibility of art as a distinct practice.” (Ranciere – Carnevale and Kelsey 2007).

To me, artists are in the process of shattering boundaries and have been for some time. We merely use the tools we have learned through our artistic practice to investigate the world around us.


I am not wholly bound in these methods of thinking and considering art. I am in the process of constructing a critical toolkit that enables me to construct my own work.

To avoid thinking critically is to avoid making art.



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