Notes on Artistic Integrity – Critical Thinking Surrounding my Practice

My Integrity as an artist means a lot to me. Perhaps another way of defining integrity would be to say that these are the codes and conducts I choose to acknowledge – my personal sensibilities, my personal ethos regarding art, its purpose and the construction of it. Which is not to say that I disregard all other forms that do not fit my criteria.


An artwork is important, it has a lot to say, performs a key function. In my view, art is an equaliser. A societal method of levelling the playing field. Those who are willing cross the threshold of the gallery and in so doing, declare themselves as equal the next person who does so. 

My reasoning behind this statement is that any viewer who chooses to go into a gallery immediately starts at ground zero. They submit themselves to a lack of knowledge about a work. They are willing to leave behind their persona and all attached to it in order to engage with an artwork. They are willing to play freely.


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