Emergence was my response to the theme of The Standard Model and was exhibited in Espacio Gallery London from November 7th to 24th in the show “Quantum: a journey through the Standard Model”.

The way that physicists work was my starting point for this project.

I am fascinated by the way that concepts about the reality of the universe are developed. The fact that we can quantify what we perceive enough to discover what we do not perceive. It is used in the way that artists use positive and negative space. We can determine an object by the space around it.

It is this careful construction of idea, the tentative process of pulling together other ideas and blending them in ways that would be considered unconventional that really draws me to the particle physics. Theoretical physics can see the gaps in the maths to begin to reveal what was previously not perceivable.

The way that ideas are carefully constructed and built upon, woven, deconstructed, reconstructed discarded, repurposed and re-used is fascinating. At the end of this process the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

These physicists appear to demonstrate strong emergent behaviour (something they do not actually believe is verifiable). They behave in unpredictable ways, chaotically, across time and space to resolve The Standard Model. The result of their combined efforts emerge in ways that wouldn’t necessarily have been predictable. It is this emergence of something new – something that is somehow greater than the elements that constructed it – that has driven my artistic research.

My Goal was to make a whole artwork greater than the sum of its parts. A whole through which a glimpse of the potentia of many theories, crafted by many hands, could emerge, manifesting into reality.




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