First Thursdays – Whitechapel walking tour of art in East London (photos)

kelise soixante-douze

Organised by Whitechapel Gallery, on the First Thursday of every month, more than 130 galleries and museums in East London stay open late (’til about 9PM) with free events, talks, workshops, private views and exhibitions. Visitors that start at the Whitechapel can pick up a free map of that month’s selected walking tour, which highlights a handful of shows opening on the night. Following are photos from three galleries on a recent ‘First Thursdays’ tour (7 November 2013).

Whitechapel Gallery – SITUATION Absolute Beach Man Rubble – Sarah Lucas

Until 15 December 2013, Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery

“…bawdy euphemisms, repressed truths, erotic delights and sculptural possibilities of the sexual body…” – Sarah Lucas at The Whitechapel

Graffiti Life Gallery – Star Wars and Stuff – Benjamin Badbones

From 7 November to 1 December 2013

“…journey of experimentation with themes of repetition, iconography and pop culture. Benjamin has never been…

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