Developing ideas for Brick Lane Exhibition

For my next exhibition I’ve been looking at Brick Lane and some of the history of different groups of people moving into the area and how the area has been undergoing an intermittent amount of gentrification since the 1980’s.

The gentrification of the area has been for the most part unwanted. This led me to consider my role as an artist creating a piece of work about the area and how it would be reviewed. Would it be unwelcome? Am I unwelcome? Is the gallery I am apart of unwelcome?

The consideration of myself and other artists as interlopers threw up some interesting ideas for me. The difficulty of being usurped. The difficulty of your identity being associated with a place. The notion of home. How can you call a place home when it changes so rapidly?

To the community artists must appear indifferent to the changes they set into motion. It was this indifference that has led me to think about a way of representing my thoughts.

Perhaps I could use statistics as a starting point for this work – developing a way of analysing and representing statistics in a way that shows the continual gentrification. But what really interested me was a way of regarding the artist population. Usurping almost parasitic. But the indifference led me to consider a parallel `i find appropriate – a virus.

Virus imagery is quite beautiful. Particularly as Petri dish specimens. I wondered if I could represent the statistics as a virus and its colonisation of the area.

Here are my initial sketches of ink on water. The yellow shows an underlying line representation of the road structure around brick lane. This is something I am also considering developing. Image


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