Tiny Acts of Care

Tiny Acts of Care


I took care when I drew this. It is small but carefully drawn. I thought of you while I drew it. I thought that you deserved one small act of care from a stranger, to let you know that you matter. I want you to have it. I want you to take this tiny act of care, to help you take care of yourself.

Tiny Acts of Care is an ongoing project. I leave small hand drawn pictures in public places for people to take. I want to offer people a thoughtful moment. To know that they are important, regardless of whom they are. Every person is equally important. Whoever finds a tiny act of care is welcome to it, to reconsider their worth, their luck, and their place in society.

If you are the recipient of a tiny act of care, you can record it with the #tinyactsofcare or #taoc on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media.


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