Quiet Rebellions: Hidden Transcripts

Quiet Rebellions: Hidden Transcripts explores how people can find themselves in situations where they are at the mercy of those in power. These situations have a public transcript or an accepted front to the situation that everyone has to be seen to agree with. Open criticism of the public transcript may put a person at risk of emotional, physical or economic retribution from those in power. In this exhibition, Ruth tries to make public the transcripts that normally remain hidden.

Ruth uses muted colours to create ephemeral, translucent barriers over portraits of transcript givers, making them difficult to distinguish – in part to maintain the anonymity of the subjects but also to reflect the hidden quality of the transcripts.

Alongside these works, visitors are invited to contribute to the project, providing their own anonymous transcripts that will be added to the work as the exhibition continues.

The exhibition runs from 29 March – 19 April 2015. A Private View will be held on Saturday 28 March at Rayleigh WIndmill, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7ED.


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