Quiet Rebellions: Hidden Transcripts.

This page is a continuation of my recent exhibition – Quiet Rebellions: Hidden Transcripts

Hidden Transcripts info sheet

If you have a hidden transcript you would like to add to this work please message me and I will add it to the transcripts on this page. (Nothing offensive or rude will be published).

Quiet Rebellion 1


Hidden Transcript1

O que eu gostaria de contar e’ algo nao extraordinario, mas ao contrario bem simples. Eu decidi por razoes de desenvolver meu trabalho de arte, mudar de localizacao onde eu estava habitando.Acabei or iniciei   residir em um local onde a questoes de tradicao e religiao sao considerados de grande importancia. Baseado nisso resolve entao entrar e me adaptar ao local e obedecer vairas regras. Vivendo entao de acordo com as tradicoes o que acabou acontecendo foi que muitas coisas passaram e eu acabei passando por elas, observando que discricao em certas questoes eram necessarias a serem alteradas para que fosse possivel ter se uma certa aceitacao nao so na sociedade mas tambem no meio profissional. As mentiras que vc tem que dizer nao chegam a te pesar a consciencia, porque   sao exatamente questoes que te mantem aceito no meio em que vc vive. O que comecou a ser revelado aos poucos e’ que todos sempre teem algo a esconder, ou mais claramente, algo que nunca e’ revelado diretamente. Mas que vai se percebendo com o passer do tempo. Hoje depois de tres anos passados a situacao e’ mais clara. Eu nao estou sozinho e descobri que muiots dividem esse estilo que eu vivo . Mas como muitos outros eu minto sobre certas condicoes e vejo que essas mentiras sao normalmente aceitas mesmo que vao contra ao que e’ ditado. Isso e o que se dize ser preciso para poder permanecer por aqui.

Given Transcript 1

Having worked in the NHS for 20 years, we have recently been privatised. Our department has always run on goodwill and love of the job. It has been replaced by frustration and helplessness, anger and sadness. The NHS is not perfect, but where will we be without it?

Given Transcript 2

Working in education, often with vulnerable young people. Despite this I daily wrestle with depression. I support, care an listen whenever and wherever needed, yet aside from this I feel personally unsupported, ignored, unappreciated. But I will continue to listen, to be there.

Given Transcript 3

I have noticed that people who are on a low wage are treated poorly compared to people who are on better wages. That is probably because they are easier to replace as they have fewer skills. But these people have more skills than are recognised. The government expect people to work and workers are more commendable than people who live off the state, and don’t make an effort, but this seems to be overlooked. I’ve known somebody on a reasonable wage say they’re not paid enough, to slave for their bosses, but lower paid workers work really hard for their pay and even the living wage is hard to manage on. My husband is a cleaner and has more than one job to manage. The world needs cleaners to stay a pleasant place to live in. I am very proud of him.

Given Transcript 4

I have been a home carer for 26 years and I mean ‘carer’. The changes that are now in place mean that we have such short time to care: we have to get elderly and infirm people up, washed, dressed, fed breakfast, and cleaned up in just 15 minutes and it is impossible. The people putting this in place should try it themselves, do to others as you would like yourself or your family to be treated. After all, each day we are a day older ourselves. The service used to be so good, otherwise I would not have done it for so long.

Given Transcript 5

Within the armed forces women are classed as equal. On poster, in newspapers, it is glorified that women are equal to men. Throughout my training I saw so many remarks made by either recruits to/about high ranking female officers or from fully trained soldiers who should respect women regardless. I keep this hidden for fear of repercussions and fear that I would be known as a troublemaker, which could ruin my future.


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