Research Question

The inspiration of “Wonderment”

Is it possible to intertwine the sublime with free play in an art work?

My original question was: What is democratic Art?

However after much research and consideration I began to look at the types of art that truly inspire me to “wonder”. I consider this to be the basis of freeplay as defined by Schiller and Ranciere. I then began to think about the works of art that have truly inspired wonderment and the scale and nature of those works were bordering on the sublime.

I know that the sublime is supposed to leave you without any concept of self, but I think that there is a more complicated issue at work underneath the sublime and I want to research it further.

Richard Wilson 2050

2 thoughts on “Research Question

  1. I found the sublime a huge area, but really interesting. Have a look at Simon Morley’s The Sublime (Whitechapel Gallery socuments of contemporary art series). the introduction has a very useful attempt to explain all the various ways contemporary artists use the term sublime.
    If you are still doing your mailart project you may be interested in this. Ryosuke Cohen has been doing mailart for 30 years. He is exhbiting at the Shed Gallery in Sproughton near Ipswich on 7th and 8th May. The artist is usually there for these shows. Its on until 5th June, but after the may weekend you have to phone and arrange a time to see it.

  2. This sounds really exciting. Are you talking about scale creating wonderment? The work illustrated looks large scale. What kind of materials would you be working with? I see that Sara has mentioned mail art is this part of it to include participation?

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